Salesforce Research & Insights

User Research Program

You have the power to impact the design of our products.

Join us in designing the
future of Salesforce

Feedback from users is crucial to how we design products
and prioritize features. During a study, we’ll gather your
feedback on an existing product, a new design, or even a
concept or prototype. We may also interview you about your
daily usage of a product to understand any pain points,
or just to understand your overall thoughts on a feature.

Studies can happen anywhere

In your home or business, online through your computer
or on a mobile device. It's up to you when and where you
participate. You can also come visit us at our offices or
at a local event. Most of the time, very little preparation is
required on your part. After your session, you'll receive a
Tango Card honorarium in appreciation for your time.

By taking part in research, you help us build and refine the
products you love to use.

Getting invited

When you sign up for the program, we'll use the information you
provide to match you to the right studies. The more information you
share with us, the more targeted we can be when inviting you to
participate in research.
Want to know more before you sign up?

Visit our How it Works Page